Monday, November 5, 2007

The great Ransom of "red" Sally

Hi! Long time no post! I have been in no man's land but things are definitely looking better there now. I am getting fast internet at Mom's on Wednesday! I convinced her, which is true, that I cannot do Christmas shopping without access to the internet. Dial up is unbelievably slow at her house, and I didn't have a little mouse for my laptop. NOW, now... life is really doing so much better. I'm kind of getting into the groove of living there. If I don't go home very much, I don't miss it... Boy, when I walk in there and see all my goodies, my red living room, and all that jazz, I am a goner.... So my motto is, "Don't go there!" haha..
I had a secret, clandestine affair this weekend. I purchased some things at good old Wally World to help me get ready for my affair... No, not perfume, makeup, and all that... I bought a litter pan and kitty litter, DeliCat, and .... after my mother went to bed, I made my move... Hit it with the "Mission Impossible" theme.... I swooped over to my house, picked up a very surprised and not so happy Sally, and we were back in my cozy room before you can say, "Kitty kitty." The first night was cool. She did a load of purring; we cozied down for our long nap into the extra hour granted for Daylight Savings Time. It was all I hoped and more. But then, the other woman found out. My mom doesn't hate cats, but she might as well. She was really sweet and said it was okay, but she kind of wailed. "I hope she doesn't have any messes on the carpet. It's the only one I have, the first one I ever had, and the only one I'll ever have." Well... that kinda puts a damper on cat owners, because even though Sal is litter box trained, we all know that hairballs happen.... I dunno. Plus Sally wasn't a bit happy the second day and night. She looked so forlorn, and I kept thinking she went from a full home to "command" to a one room place with no high places to jump on, no Tiffany lamps for comfort, no recliners to sit on the tops of... no dining tables for a queen's perch on the world. She had to return to her rightful domain...
After I snuck her back to my son's happy arms and returned to my little room, I promptly spilled my Diet Coke.... Ah, perhaps I'll be "put out" next?????
Anyway, with a new mouse for my laptop, internet on the horizon , and my digital camera ready, perhaps I'll make a return to blogland. I have missed you all.


Mary Isabella said...

Sounds so neat. Have a great week. Mary

Julie said...

Too funny - hairballs happen! So true. Look forward to hearing from you more often - now that you do not have any more excuses!

Becky K. said...

Welcome Back! You sound almost "chipper".
Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Gayla, I love your blog site. You have put a tremendous amount of work into your site.

I really enjoy your comments---I think I would have really enjoyed teaching with you.


Terri and Bob said...

Missed you, too! I love my cat Bustopher, too. Hairballs, food allergies, ahem! "mistakes!"

You do sound chipper!