Thursday, October 25, 2007

One of these switches will make me BLOW!!!

Okay.... You know how everyone on blogs is always telling you 25 things about themselves and all that? Well, here, in no particular order... are 25 things about my night.

1. I was evaluated today by the state supervisor about the curriculums I've been writing
2. I had eaten too many tortilla chips with lime last night, and I felt all salty and yucky this morning.
3. I raced home and took my mother to her hairdresser after school in a town about 35 miles from where I work...
4. I decideed to try a salad from a drive through, and it was horrid...
5. My mom watched QVC on a really loud volume, and it was all about Christmas, and how it's only 60 days from today, and my mi nd began to sizzle.
6. My stool decided to stop up at Mom's so I plunged it to no avail about 100 times.
7. Incidentally, did you guys know that if a septic tank is blocked, when you plunge a stool all the water goes up into all the other drains in the house?
8. My Mom's septic tank was /is blocked.
9. I stopped up her stool, and about five inches of water appeared in the showers, tubs, sinks.... YUM!!!
10. I had decided to have a night of "beauty" tonight and watch a little televison and read a new book from Amazon.
11. She was pretty hysterical about the stool situation because she had taken PRUNE juice at 7 p.m.....
12. My son couldn't fix the problem.
13. She informed me we were coming to my house to stay all night.
14. He had a house full of company to watch scary movies.
15. My mother didn't like the looks of his shorts!!!!
16. I gave him the "look" and tried to stall her a bit
17. She went on out to sit in the car because she was worried about the Prune juice, and she began to honk the horn.
18. When we got here, I discovered my cat Sally has taken to peeing on the carpet because she misses me???? or something....
19. My mother refuses to sleep anywhere but a huge recliner she cannot manipulate, and she looks like Goldilocks in that big green chair.
20. I have heartburn that you would not believe.
21. I had decided to cry and have a little prayer about not being able to be home and being homesick about fifteen minutes before all the hubbub started.
22. I don't think too much of God's sense of humor lately.
23. Now, since my big move over, all my crap is at Mom's that I want.
24. I am in my room and know my mother is absolutely miserable out there in the dining room in that stupid chair.
25... Did I say Christmas was in 60 days? Ooooopps.... that's the button....



Diane said...

Oh dear heart - a big hug for you!!! I got such a laugh out of your post - I know just how you feel! But your situation does seem to take the cake! And I love your comment about God's sense of humor! But hope it makes you feel better to know hearing about your situation made me feel better about mine! (altho the 60 days to Christmas is an over the topper for me too!) So hang in there, things have got to get better!

And by the way - I LOVE your house - your decorate it VERY NICELY! And I was so sorry to hear about your dad - that is such a terrible loss to bear, and you sound like a wonderful daughter, and a wonderful mother - it is tough being the one in the middle isn't it?! I will say a prayer for you - hope that God will give you the strength you need to tend to those around you, and to tend to yourself also!

Hugs - Diane

Becky K. said...

What a day! Oh my goodness!
Hope this one is better!
What was wrong with the shorts?
Becky K.

Julie said...

ha ha ...heartburn??? how could you have heartburn after a fun day like that??? Don't worry - sometimes I tell people that I think my life is the Comedy Channel for God too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gayla, I love your blog. (Did you intend the pun (all your "cr_ _ " is at your mother's)? Even as I was laughing, I was also empathizing. I love the saying, which is a chapter title in one of the "Little House" books, "The Darkest Hour is Right Before Dawn." Tomorrow will be better. Do keep exercising that great sense of humor. By the way, a vet once told me that a cat will take to doing such things (wetting where "wet" doesn't belong) when he/she doesn't like the changes in the household. Maybe the move to your mother's needs to be reconsidered. Sharon, the Desert Lady

Terri and Bob said...

I know it was a No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day, but I did laugh wildly at your post, all the while saying, oh, I am so sorry, (giggle giggle) Oh, that is awful! (giggle giggle) I know you get the pictures. Here's to hoping Saturday is much better!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh you poor thing! I have had days like that and I can relate to the "boom". I hope today is going better for you. A teaspoon of vinager will wipe out heartburn (tastes nasty, but it works for me) I wish I could be there to lend a hand. I'm saying an extra prayer for you.


The Machinist's Wife said...

Gayla, this is so very funny! I love it. I just know, from experience, that at the time, it is hard to cope with, but my, this really tickled my funny bone. I can relate to your mum, the septic tank (I could write a book on septic tanks), the prune juice, even the chair! It's like I'm reading about my own life, and we are miles away.

Take heart, dear one. Tomorrow is another day. (Yesterday?) Anyway, blessings!

The Machinist's Wife

marylou said...

Oh my goodness..I just picked myself off the floor because of my giggle overload:-) Thank you for such a funny post! Not funny to you but isn't it great when one can still find the humor in a bad day? Yep, you are my kinda gal:)
Take care and know that God does have a grand sense of humor:)
Hug Life, Marylou

Julie said...

I am back to blogging and would love it if you could stop by and vote on something I am trying to make a decision about. Thanks!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I feel so bad for you! Things will get better and you will appreciate it even more. You are such a great person to take care of your mother the way you do. Make sure you take some time for yourself though! Do something fun!