Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here and There... It needs to happen... Welcome October's Magic!

Hey, I just read a post that sure speaks to me. Terri has captured the idea of this autumn for me with her post about decorating and fighting the blues in any way we know to do for ouselves. Check out her cute decorations here. I haven't put up ANY really of my wonderful, wonderful Halloween decorations. I have about four huge totes, and I love, absolutely love Halloween. I usually decorate during September and have them up through most of November, especially the fall stuff.... Part of the reason is busy-ness with lots of hours spent at Mom's and lots of hours working on school stuff and some hours spent on refurbishing and dreaming about how my shop will look when I have time... but a great deal is simply the blahs. I know I have every right to be "blah" since I have had a death in my dearest corner of the world, but... I also know myself. I have to fight the spiral or I end up a lot lower on the staircase than I need to be, a lot harder to climb back up to square one...

A couple of days, (was it actually over a week? wow...) I dedicated myself to improving and finding some beauty in my world every minute I could. I cleaned my bedroom, and even though I don't sleep here much, it still starts my day. I get up at the crack of dawn or before at Mother's and have a cup of coffee with her, take out of there about 6 a.m. and come home to a hot shower and a few minutes of blog bliss... Then I'm off to school. I actually kind of love the hub bub and the routine... I missed full time school because I didn't actually fill my down time with anything that spoke to my spirit like teaching does.

I have been so inspired by the blogs I read... by the people I have "met" in pictures of their beautiful homes and their worlds... At first glance, usually people seem to have it all together, and they do.. but as we get to know each other more and more, we see areas when they are a little down, a little ill (GET WELL, FIFI!) and a little exhausted (THINKING OF YOU, AMY!)... and all kinds of busy... that helps, too.. Inspiration and understanding. Who could ask for a better community of friends?

I was told last night by my mom that it took a 3 ring circus to keep me happy.. I don't really think she meant that in a good way, but, oh well.. I kind of liked it. I don't like to just sit and look at the floor. I love little puttery projects, huge ordeal projects, and all things in between... Time for sitting and moping will happen again and again, but it is definitely the season for me to click in... Thank you, Terri... Your post rang the bell -- you all know the bell. Like the one in Rocky!!! When Adrienne tells him to WIN..... Yep, yo, Adrienne... It's time for me to go the distance! Have a good day.

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Terri and Bob said...

You are so sweet. Thank you for recognizing my efforts to remain sane in a world that doesn't make sense. Last night I discovered that if I do one thing I can be proud of... last night it was cleaning out my towel closet... then I can be more in control of my emotions. I can focus elsewhere besides my pain. Interesting how that works!