Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A wake-up to Autumn!

Guess who's soooo happy it's Fall? Yep, 'tis I, as Lancelot crooned. Even though today is a bit muggy, it's only in the seventies. I think it won't be long until it's time for chili and for lovely fires in the fireplace at Mom's (and fake ones here). I may need to rush this because I am going to a big meeting today for Curriculum Writing. It will be kind of fun to be with a team of teachers all with the same goals and interests. I missed being on teams during my five years as half day teacher. I guess I really just wasn't ready for retirement, huh?

I dedicated my weekend to creating a lovelier space for sleeping (when I'm home and not at Mom's.) I can't tell you how different it starts my day not to be greeted with piles of clutter and crud.... I am getting ready for a big party this weekend for my son and friends. He starts school October 1st for an intense eight weeks of computer training. We are having a guy friends party with lasagna and that yummy man-kind of food, cheese/sausage dip, little smokies.... etc..... No dainty tea parties here, huh?

Take care, all. I'll look forward to more autumn days and crisp weather all around. Hugs.


Peggy said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Terri and Bob said...

Ummmm! You are such a sweet mom!

sheila said...

it was such a beautiful day here but I think we were actually in the low 90s...but the humidity was low!

but the 70s! I'd love to have 70s in September...why, that is like a Real Fall Day :)