Sunday, September 9, 2007

Changes all around . . .

Not my shop.... but an artistic impression of the "dormant, dream phase" I'm currently experiencing WITH my shop.... What's behind the blue door?
"When it rains, it pours," my gramma always said. And it's raining here, it seems. With all the changes in living arrangements and life purposes around here, you'd think I'd quit tinkering with the stuff that didn't need to change??? But no... I haven't mentioned my little shop for a while, but it is undergoing a dramatic switcheroo. The evolution of Shady Peanut Lane is quite slow, almost "stunted" I might say.

First, about twenty years ago the dream hit my cousin and me to create a little shop in my grandmother's two story home. We bought the wallpaper and mentally filled it with all kinds of treasure rooms--- a kitchen gadget room, a tea room for little ladies' lunches, an upstairs room for Christmas, a cool back porch for Halloween... We had our dreams. In our minds we named it Prairie Sampler, and my dear friend (the one who never fails to support my dreams, the baked Alaska one.... ) even bought me pencils with that name printed on them for inspiration. Well, the pencils are all that ever happened. The wallpaper found its way to my dining room walls, where I love it daily. The beautiful old, two story home was claimed as right of way for a four lane highway... The walls and boards became a barn for my father, and needless to say, Prairie Sampler did not happen.

Then, for two years I rented a ten foot square space in a consignment business, and another friend (a former teacher) split the cost (which was really high). We didn't do much in there... Something about the sterile concrete walls and the proximity to other booths with tire tools or laundry soap really depleted our pizaaz. About the only cool thing I had was an absolutely fabulous old walnut primitive armoire... It was in pretty shabby shape and unfinished state. I put a wild sum of 600 dollars on it, and it sold in about a month.... Then all our stuff was on the floor a bit... Finally, We had industrial looking shelving and just barely existed until this business, too.... made a little demise. Finally about four years ago my friend opened a little shop called "My Cup of Tea." So cute, so full of teapots, china, fabulous tea, Department 56, and other treasures. I was thrilled for her... AND PEA GREEN.

Amazingly, in only about five months the little shop space next to My Cup of Tea became available. Yes, I could rent it. Yes, I could take possession in May. Oh! Shady Peanut Lane was born. The name came from the beautiful little stretch of land on our farm with overhanging brush and a little tractor path underneath. Whenever little girl me (where did she go?) was lucky enough to ride behind my grandfather on his little tractor to check cows, we used to find this little part of heaven, stop, drink our bottle (we split it) of Double Cola and eat a couple soda crackers with "bitey" (very sharp) cheddar cheese. Absolute bliss. He called that little patch Shady Peanut Lane, so I thought no more lovely place name could exist for a little shop. My cousin, son, father, and I painted, papered, wired and heaved our wares inside. We managed to fill it with the most delicious candles you have ever smelled, lovely coffees, sweet primitive and shabby treasures, a few antiques... just the this and that kind of shop I've always wanted.... And it is a place for my friends to come and just sit and visit... with My Cup of Tea lady next door, we just party all the time!

Until yesterday. Due to a big relocation in her future, my cousin came yesterday and had to pack all her goodies away to sell in another place. Ugh... you should see my shop. It will be alright, I keep repeating to myself. I will find other cabinets, fill them with my own treasures, create a shop that speaks even more of my own heart... But with what? The name remains, and the work done on the place itself. I still have my lovely little kitchen cabinet and the cubby hole nest display my ex brought home from a bowling alley, no less. My dad saved it, washed it at the car wash, and brought it over one boiling hot July day to put in the shop.
My college writing teacher used to glory in the part of our writing he called "the floundering stage." It was the early agony when we couldn't get it all together in our minds to say what we hoped to say. I think this is a floundering stage for Shady Peanut Lane. Once I "see" it in my mind, it will happen in the world... won't it??? Meanwhile, I'm going to grab my book for inspiration today, Where Women Create. It's an amazing brain-igniter... As are all of you! I always dreamed of opening an online branch of Shady Peanut Lane... Who knows... sometimes when I am the busiest (translate full time school teacher, curriculum writer for senior high, helping with Mother's house as well as mine), I am the most fruitful.... ???? I'm kind of an all or "nuthin" kind of person. Hang on to your seats.... We may be in for a bumpy ride... (or not.) Have a good week.

P.S. Once a long time ago before I knew about blogs and before I realized not to "take" a photo off the internet without getting directions about who put it there... I found this photo of a shop. It looks a lot like my shop on the outside ---except mine has no florals, no sparkle like this right now... Anyway, it is an inspiration. If any of you own this shop or knows who does, please let me know... I would love to give credit to such masters of the art of Wow!!!! Isn't it pretty????


Terri and Bob said...

I have got to find your shop. Email me and let me know... maybe one day when I am in Marceline, mom and I will find ourselves there to chat.

Julie said...

I wish I lived closer! If you shop looks like the one in the photo, I could not resist going in!!