Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Update on the blowout!

Yes, I did finally get everything put back into the kitchen cupboards. This is a shot of my tea and beverages cupboard. I have too much tea! I think they could reach the East by sailing West into my kitchen and Vasco Da Gama would be my new paramour. What do you think? Whew! I am amazed I made it, and I might not have if I hadn't wanted to take a picture of it! Blogging as a form of self discipline, huh? I just thought I'd share these shots. My NEXT project (way into the future, I hope) is to paint at least the insides of these cabinets. My friend, (the Baked Alaska diva) got brave one day a few years ago and painted hers a glistening beautiful shade of white. They are amazing! I love, love, love them. I'm definitely waiting until Tracey gets hers done! If the maestro of painting isn't finished yet, who am I to start????

My plate cupboard. I will get these down and show what they are some time soon. The sugar bowl in front was my gramma's and it's full of change. Kinda chippy and cracked, but I so remember hooping big spoons of sugar into cups of tea. Our personal favorite was Sassafras, and we swore it made us feel better... I later think they quit selling Sassafras due to its blood thinning effects. Well, maybe our blood needed thinning? I think they sell it now, but it tastes different, maybe due to something about the tea, maybe due to the fact I am not sitting in the most adorable pink and green kithen in the whole wide world with my precious Gramma.

Oh, baby. Do I ever have serving bowls? And more than this. I'm addicted to china, bowls, pitchers, chocolate, Hell's Kitchen. Who will win, do you think? I think I'm rooting for the Nanny, but I don't really know.

I have a passion for folk art and crows.... then vintage pinks and softs... That causes stress. I haven't used the big beverage server yet, but I cannot wait to try it out. Mom bought it for me for my birthday from Dillards.com. She seems to think it will leak and drip. Always, the optimist, that's my mother!

Cups and florals.... ready for tea... or butter pecan torte Gevalia!!! I'd give anything if all of you could come over and have one with me! Enjoy the week and try to keep cool. It's supposed to be 109 degrees heat index tomorrow and the next day. That's bad.


Terri and Bob said...

I love your dishes! I especially love the ones that belong to your gramma!

Mrs. G said...

all right...colour me officially Pea Green :)

I love those crow mugs! in fact, I've named our ranch-cum-cottage-sorta after the crows living in the woods next door to us...

they're a rowdy bunch and they make me smile a lot :)

Becky said...

Great job and wonderful dishes! BTW, I love Bon Jovi, too! wink!