Monday, August 13, 2007

This is how I feel

Hey... Anybody else in the Midwest feel like this guy?
I mean, ugh. I feel
VERY b-wordy,
hateful, sick. I know. I know.
Cooler weather will come (if I live). But tomorrow the "wind chill" (I've started to say
that instead of heat index) will be 110 degrees, and Tuesday... 114 degrees. As I sit tonight and survey my beautiful city of Paris (In my dreams, of course).... It's time for a break from blogging and from anything remotely affected by my terrible attitude. I am remembering a trip I took with a group of school teachers about ten years ago. It was during the heat of July, and our task was to get off a bus alongside a roadside blasted through a hill, gather rock, and try to identify the types of rock and classify them... They gave us little vinyl bags for that. I decided to fill my vinyl bags with crushed ice, and then I put them in my bra, down my neck, and under my arms. It seemed to catch on. Soon everyone except this absolutely stunning Southern beauty of an art teacher named Mary (who didn't seem even remotely hot, of course but was way too sweet and gracious to hate for it)... we all put those ice packs all over our bodies... The elderly man in charge WAS NOT PROUD. But we enjoyed the day much more... and as the ice melted, we jiggled in the bus and believed ourselves all to be "budding" Dolly Partons... It was fabulous. I kid you not.. Oh, okay...I promise to get a grip. I don't believe in fussing about the weather in the winter OR summer because it's my philosophy that I'm really complaining about God on the truest level as He is the author of weather, I think.... So except for this little smatter of grinch... I'm going to be quiet until I feel better. Hope to see everyone soon.... and to need a sweater! Take care.


Terri and Bob said...

Honey, I want you to promise me to get a couple of ziplock bags and repeat that episode of your life and then write about it for us. You may feel grumpy but that story had me bent over in stitches. Much love (no hugs, its tooooo hot) and enjoy your day with a little lemonade with a lot of ice!

Julie said...

Snicker snicker...that was too funny!

Tea Time and Roses said...

I was not sure if I was suppose to laugh but I did! Your comment you left was so cute... and guest what! we are still friends!



Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh I hate the heat...I feel for you. Luckily we've only had one bad heat spell this probably remember me complaining about it on my blog! I feel bad about complaining now. It was only in the high 90s and we don't even have the humidity you get. People are complaining here that it's not hot enough this summer...I think they are crazy! It's been the best summer we've ever had! It's ranged from the low 70s to the mid 80s for the last few weeks. It scares me though, we'll probably get our heat waves in Sept.