Friday, August 31, 2007

I couldn't let this day pass without a tribute to "my" princess. Today. So many years ago. In case you want to re-read my birthday tribute to her, it's here. You know, ten years have passed in a heart beat for us. Frozen in time, locked in our minds and hearts as a young, beautiful woman, Diana will forever be one of my very favorite women. Although some of these photos show the car, I still liked the way they moved through her life, her reign, and the waves and waves, the oceans of floral tributes there ten years ago. Thankfully, Diana's goodness and her charm and spirit aren't sad. She is always there to cheer us on with that slight tilt of the head, those dark-lashed eyes, that invitation to keep trying, keep the faith, and do the kindest things you can imagine.

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