Sunday, August 5, 2007

I do it My Way..... and it's AWFUL!!!!

Welcome to my version of cleaning the kitchen. Since childhood, I have had a ridiculous and terrible habit. When I truly want to clean, I dump. My mother used to banish me to my room to "neat" it up, as she would say. I disappeared for hours, and she finally came in to check on me only to scream in horror. I had dumped every drawer, every shelf in my deep, marvelous closet, every Barbie suitcase, every item of clothing... dumped.... Then I began the process of organizing, putting them all back in to some kind of order. Fast forward to my years as a bride in my first little home: Yep... only this time I dumped THE ENTIRE HOUSE.... Gargantuan task of yuckiness. I kind of like it (evidently), but it's perfectionism to the max and it kills me now that I have less time, less energy, less "umph." But today I did indeed dump my kitchen cabinets. I finally took the time to put all the "like" glassware together, all the plates, kind of in an organized manner as to how I might like to use everything. My son helped with the tall stuff, but he just hates this process... So, here is a fraction of my floor.... Why were all these items in the same cabinet??? Who knows.
Even though I have lived here for thirty years, the cabinets are just blah inside. No lacy border a la Tracey on Notes from a Cottage Industry. No faux finish inside... just blah. But the goblet cabinet is neat and tidy... More shots tomorrow of my plates, my what nots... Who knows? I might just keep things this way this time . Hey, a girl dreams what she wants.
During the event Sal decided to take up residence in a stray wreath. She snoozed in it, too and just decided it was "her." I think she felt beautiful. The guy that lives with us came in and called her "centerpiece cat." She announced she loved that name and began to strut around the kitchen. Then, her awful mistress HUNG up the wreath.... Booo! I think she will recover. She's browsing in the Walmart sack of fall foliage I bought this week for the shop. I do believe she's turning in to a faux outdoors cat... Who knows.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is an adorable picture of you cat. I think you should frame that!

I wish I had the energy to "dump". My cabinets sure need it. That cake stand up in the corner of the cabinet looks beautiful.

the feathered nest said...

I couldn't dump it all at once. You have more energy than me! I'd have to do a little at a time. I've painted the inside of all by kitchen cabinets. It really is a nice surprise to open a cabinet and see a cheery color! Your goblet cabinet looks wonderful - good job!

You need a little treat after all that work LOL!


Mrs. G said...

sometimes "dumping" is the only way to get it done without movin' the same thing about 50 millions times before you find its "spot" :)

Terri and Bob said...

I clean just like this!! I didn't know there were others like me! Its the only way to know everything that you have!!

marylou said...

Oh my gosh...we should start a "dumpers" blog!! Oops, not sure that sounds so great:) Anyhoo..I too clean in the same fashion. Love it cause after I rid my cabinets and closets I can go buy more:-) Insane, I know!!
Hug Life, Marylou