Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Just a couple of shots of collections I have started==== and so many wonderful friends and family members have helped me continue. The first two are shots of a small part of the Diana collection I mentioned during her concert. This doesn't include the Queen Elizabeth II portion or the plates and cups and jewelry!!! Am I compulsive or what? I have this in an armoire, almost always closed, so it's something between Diana and me, I guess... and now you!
The last photo is of a shelf of a Mary Engelbreit collection, but, of course, I have more cookbooks, the magazines, the cherry plates!!! Oh, my... When I see Clean Sweep or some of those shows on tv, I get kinda sick.... What if somebody swept into my house and demanded I simplify? I suppose I could, but I wouldn't want to today. Sometimes I do ache for simplicity, for the zen look of peace and maybe a single rose in a sleek vase... But I usually take a tylenol, munch a brownie, and snooze for a little nap, and then I'm back to myself. More little corners of my house (stuffed with lemony goodness) coming soon! Hugs to all!

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GardenGoose said...

You have some cute collections.
by the way..added you to my blog list. thanks so much for visiting my blog.