Thursday, August 9, 2007

Appreciation Art (Techno/Vintage- Style)

I have been reading about the "Nice Matters" Award, and I think that is such a super idea. It kick started me to do a little project I'd been wanting to do for several weeks. Brenda is the hair dresser in my little town. She is kind of that "good hearted woman" hairdresser character you see in movies. Brenda is about 40 years old, really very cute, fixy with all kinds of great eye makeup and glitzy shoes or jewelry. She has a smile for everyone all the time, ALL THE TIME. She flies around town and picks up the little elderly ladies in town who can't drive or get out. I can see Brenda's shop from my gift shop window, and I see her helping them in if it's a bit slick, and helping them into the cars, no matter what the weather. She always has a sympathetic ear and her constant murmur is, "God love her... or him... or you," whichever is appropriate. I just love her, so I wrote her a little note to tell her so and created this banner for Halloween, (early, I know, but we both ADORE it!). I had a lot better luck with the smaller letters and holes punched instead of slit, and wired ribbon. I am participating (a little) in Andrea's Velvet Strawberries Artful Blogging attempt, a little in Tracey's Notes from a Cottage Industry award, and in Amy's Four Sisters in a Cottage award. I just did it offline. Have a nice weekend. If you have a cool breeze to spare, please please send it to Missouri. We're melting!

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Moron Family said...

Hi! I found your blog from petiterosemaison" and read your post about doing your class in french chic. PLEASE tell me how you are doing this? I have an eiffel tower lamp on my desk as well as a toile cloth but other than that, I am stuck!

Would love to see how yours is set up!

Have a great week!