Monday, June 18, 2007

What a day! Thunder rumbles as I type this; still have to finish watching this episode of Hell's Kitchen (my summer favorite. Why do I love to see a grown man screaming at adults for kitchen mistakes?); and still have a couple of cleaning jobs to finish, and it's already after 10. Bought paint today to finish painting my living room. It's going to be an apple red, bold and totally fun but when? My son has all the things removed from one wall. He's the master painter.

Since he's over six feet tall, he's an expert at it and doesn't even need a ladder to do the ceiling trim work!!! Amazing. We did two walls right before Thanksgiving, and just haven't had the heart to tear into the other two. It's put up or shut up time. He's off work on layoff for a while, so it's time for me to get this done (translation: He can do it now!). I'd promise photos, but I just learned there is something wrong with the digital camera. This is the second camera I've purchased and didn't really use all that much. I'm not as technical as he is, and it's usually in his room plugged into his computer. I'm glad for him to use it, but I need to get much more savvy if I'm to ever keep up with the wonderful blogs I read! Stay tuned. We might get a photo out yet.

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