Thursday, June 28, 2007


Wow! This was hanging on my doorknob when I came home! I absolutely have a THING about Halloween and Autumn, so I love getting fall things all year long! My wonderful soul mate friend, Casablanalily knows this, so she left me this cute card (which bemoans the lack of a few good men!!!) and Miss Adorable Witch riding a cute broom on a happy moon. It is wonderful, and I LOVE it. I only wish I'd been home to have a heart to heart and a visit with her!!!! She's amazing, beautiful, talented, and has the best laugh, hands down, in the whole wide world. I love her! Thanks, Casablancalily!!!

The camera isn't working tonight... I think I have the settings wrong!!! This little miss isn't fuzzy at all!!! She's anxious for me to get out her friends and pop some caramel corn (also a recipe from Casablancalily!) AND fire up the candy corn!!!!

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