Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Spoonful of Sugar!

Hey, there... I just saw this photo and decided it was a good "look" for my house lately. I have been trying valiantly to get all caught up with my housework, closets, bathroom, tons of Mt. Washmore clothing (A la, and other stuff too numerous to mention. This Tide with Downy smells heavenly in the washer and from the dryer... Does anybody think I can stick with my plan to do a load a day??? Ha! I am getting ready to do today's though. Something about an empty washer, dryer, AND hamper just floats my boat. You can tell it's summer since Laundry is on my mind. Not as fun as helping my mother with hers as a little girl. Two rinses, stick in the water, wringer washer, hang on the line... Clothes were a bit stiff, but oh, that scent can't be duplicated.... fresh air! And she used Tide, too.... the lovely white grainy kind. Have a fun weekend.

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