Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sailors taking warning, red skies, sorting, Etsy, and Scooters

Wow... a whole civilization exists that I knew nothing about until this morning. It's a community of sellers dedicated to their own little world called Etsy. You can look at it and find almost anything hand made for sale. I had read that word over and over in blogs all winter and spring. Suddenly yesterday I thought, "Duh! I don't know what ETSY means. I was pretty sure it was an anacronym, so I spent the rest of the day on and off thinking of cool things it might stand for, such as Electronic transfers synchronized .... uh... I couldn't ever think of a good Y. Instead of coming in here and looking it up, I went to bed, and believe it or not I would wake up in the night and think, "Etsy!" Finally, at about 4:45 a.m. I just toddled in, looked it up on Wikipedia, and then began to browse HereI think I'll really enjoy browsing. Here are some cute little tags I saw on there. Fun to order or fun to dream of copying some day. I am kind of a sucker for tags. I envision lovely tags on just about everything.
Okay. So yeah, I was up at this ungodly hour and I browsed a while, tried to wake up our houseguest to go to work on his day off (not accomplished, thank goodness!), and then went in for a cup of coffee and a little bible study. I looked out the window and saw the most amazing sight. Red sky. I had seen orange, fushia, but never this amazing blood red before. I kept thinking of the old "Red sky at morning; sailors take warning" thing, also there's a short story called "Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" and that was beating down on my brain. It was amazing. Finally it tinged the sky an amazing orange, finally fushia tipped coral. It was a gift. Then the clouds really rolled in and we had a toad strangler, as my dad calls it.
My day was cool. I loved the red sky part the most. My little mother on her walker was riding her little scooter, Rascal, or whatever you call it and tipped the thing over and we had to call in the troops to pick her up. Actually she got up before anyone could get there, but about seven people, cousins, friends, neighbors--- responded to my frantic calls because I was about fifteen miles away and Gerred was fifty! She's fine, or that's her story and she's sticking to it!I sorted through six boxes of STUFF from shool. How and why am I such a terrible packrat. I had trouble getting rid of much. I'm trying harder than usual, though, so I had a nice big box for the trash pickup in the morning.
More storms in the forecast. I may try to wake up and see if Nature repeats her fabulous performance. Don't tell me any scientific explanation for the red.... water saturation, dewpoints, whatevers.... I prefer the romantic symbolic sailors (or scooter pilots) take warning one!

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