Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Red Room.....Red Rum.....????

Whee! The painting is finished. Almost everything is back to its normal or new position! I think I need some extra lights or daylight to take photos of it, though. It's really kind of dark and elegant looking. I'm a fan of dark colors to live in. I love, love all the magazine and blog photos of light and airy rooms, but I just always feel totally happy when I paint my walls a darker color.

Of course, Sal was around to pose in her usual spot atop my antique school desk with the hydrangeas. She's such a little ham! The red tutu was mine as a little little girl. It was all I asked Santa for one Christmas, and my Aunt Opal decided to make it all come true by making it. My mama didn't plan on getting it for me (too something... frilly, naked, frivolous, silly?) but I wore this little item forever and a day. There's a photo right beside it of me posing... I just didn't get a very good shot. I can tell everyone right now, this blog thing is a challenge. I'm challenged when it comes to digital cameras to begin with....

Isn't she just a little riot? She's under my desk chair right now, petting my feet with her little velvet paws... Tickle!!!! I would get one of my friend's kittens, but I know how shocked Sally would be! Whenever you believe you are the only species (a la the rose in The Little Prince), it really is a shock to discover there are more.... and your little shoulders droop and you're never the same. Kind of like discovering your honey bunny has another honey bunny.... only probably not quite the same... Cats can use those little claws better than we do, trained as we are to be ladies!.... Which brings me to the third section of this post:

I bought this book called SWAG: Southern Women Aging Gracefully. It looks to be lovely: "I invite you into these pages to squander a little time. It is, after all, the ultimate luxury. Join me in celebrating the humor to be found in all our delightfully ordinary lives full of joy and wonder. I am proud to be a woman of the South, and I am aging gracefully as I can----without any outright sweating." ( Melinda Rainey Thompson, author) What a cool intro... I'm about to read on. Took my soaker hot shower, poured a glass of sparkling soda, and am ready to call it quits. Tomorrow I'm talking my mother to get a perm!

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