Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My cup of tea (not the shop, the bedroom!)

Well, thanks to Cindy at My Romantic Home (see her blog listed on my favorites), I thought I'd post my little works of art that are directly across from my bed. These teacups and saucers belonged to my grammas, both avid little vintage collectors. I inherited about forty or more from each. My one grandmother had other grandchildren to inherit about forty each! She loved them! I had them all stashed protectively in a cupboard for years after they passed away, thinking they didn't suit my decor. One day, I decided to put them in a cabinet in my room. I remember dropping one on my blue carpet and it bounced! "Lucky me," I thought. Then while sudsing them in my kitchen another saucer rolled along the floor after it plunged from soapy hands. "No, I CAN'T break these!" I thought triumphantly and maybe a big smugly... (For sure prematurely). I had the whole lot, about sixty or more sitting at my feet on the floor of my bedroom in front of the cabinet. I picked up a little Mother's Day candle we had bought my gramma... (a two-piece Mother's Day candle, and I forgot about that fact). Crash, a five pound candle came hurtling into the midst of the finery... Thus, I learned I can indeed break them, more were broken than I was ever able to count, little snips, handles, curves, oh.... it was kind of emotionally damaging! I rescued all the whoe ones and made myself into a sort of china dating service, matching the good cups to good saucers, performing the marriage rites to widowed and "widowered" china... I think I did a pretty good job. They seem content on my shelf, and I shut my eyes and pitched all the fallen brethren of Spode, Limoge, Noritake, and whatnot... gone! I know, I could have made some kind of lovely ceramic top and grout thing, but I was just plain disgusted with myself and wanted no trace of that clumsy ordeal.
Anyway, all are happily welcoming me every morning when I roust myself up from sleep. I don't like the border any more, but I can't decide whether to cover it temporarily with some roses or to just wait until I can afford to do the whole room???? Who would have thought I would tire of DUCKS hahahahahahah... who didn't think it except me? I remember my mother, my then husband, my friends, "Do you like ducks that well? You won't get tired of them???" I insisted I loved ducks. Well, I still have my mother, (thank the Lord!), my friends (thank the Lord), and my ducks... Not so much the husband, though! HAHAHAHAH... I'm in a silly mood today. Time to go wash some cups and saucers????

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