Friday, June 22, 2007

Moon Child

I am totally a moon child. I'm not sure where I found this awesome photo, but that's exactly how big my moons are to me, whether they're waxing, waning, or somewhere in between. I have always been told that children react to a full moon, and teachers always think so. It's the topic of conversation in the lunchroom... "My kids have been wild today," says one harried educator. "Well, no wonder; it's a full moon!" consoles another. Well, I think I'm a sucker for this as well. I act wild and absolutely without bounds when I'm "howling" at that full moon. When my son was a little boy, I'd grab him and we'd take off in my car, my beautiful, now sitting without a license, Thunderbird. (I replaced her with a Taurus, but oh, how I miss my red T-Bird). We would chase the moon, flying down back roads and coming to rest on graveled areas by full moon-lit fields. Snow reflected the total icy hauteur of the moon, while summer's big bales of hay made me feel a part of all that is good and wholesome and beautiful.

I have always been proud to be called a moon child, born in June, and sign full of water if you go by any of that. I love my sign and its predictors, but I don't really have much dependence on astrology. I don't necessarily think it's wrong, but just something fun to think about, especially when you're young. But I'm not that any more. My (shh! hate to say it) 53rd birthday is rapidly approaching. Sounds like a dull number, huh? I feel frumpy, kind of yucky, and definitely not sassy and with it. I have been kind of in a mechanical rote of life for a long time. I have fluctuated between living in much clutter with purging like a maniac. I have wished for different conditions like help, more money, a husband.... and suddenly, I'm having fun with what I have and not particularly yearning for what I don't. I am taking my time with some areas long neglected, and I'm finally, finally giving myself permission to create the life I think I've always waited to have.

I so wish my parents both were feeling better, and I can't help but cross my fingers for my son to find a fabulous job and a wonderful girlfriend. There are lots of things to wish for, to dream about, and to wait for. Today, though, I am going to finally let those go where they belong, into a section of my heart and mind called tomorrow.... maybe later, in God's good time. Who knows? I haven't really labeled that section ever, so many titles come to mind.

I only know that there is an abundance out there of inspiration, of happy productive people who make the absolute best of everything that comes their way. I have always wanted to "portray" that image. Now I truly want to feel that way from the inside (the gizzard, as my gramma used to say,) out. Where will that lead? Well, hopefully I will soon be able to share some of that with this blog.

For tonight, it leads to a hot soaking shower with yummy Orange scented gel, a tall glass of lemonade fresh squeezed and served to ME in good glassware, maybe a little snippet of cheese and a fabulous multi grain cracker I found last soiree into Walmart... a little Keebler cuddler of a cracker. Oh, my! Oh, and a couple of delicious Bing cherries! If the moon beckons me any time soon, I may see if my silver Taurus can keep up with the beam.... I may learn it is as much fun to take a silver bull by the horns as it was to soar on a mythical bird from the Aztecs???? Rattle, rattle, my mom would say... Enough of this, she'd announce. Too much fairy tale nonsense... But, aha... my lovely and sweet mama has NO computer. And any more, she is so wonderful to me that I know if it makes me happy, she'd be one hundred percent in my corner.

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CasablancaLily said...

You have always had that Pull of the Moon for as long as I've known you. I must say, there is absolutely nothing better than a skinny dip by the moonlight!!