Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just little old me having an extremely good day doing nothng but goofing off and making little happy piles of stuff to go here and there... My sweet, darlin' son helped me get the other half of the closet cleared out, all is sorted, and I think I can coerce him into helping me stack it back, take the piles of clutter to this and that place... At the moment, he's mowing with the wind blowing his hair out straight behind him. He, for some odd reason known only to young men of his nature, has donned a set of catcher's knee guards....???? Nope, he wasn't ever a catcher.... Nope? Hmmm? You know, I have no idea. He has always liked little odd stuff like that, and he bought them for himself. He fancies they make his knees stronger???? or maybe he doesn't think that at all.... I don't care as long as he mows! Have a loverly Wednesday! No American Idol to watch??? maybe I'll actually work. My good friend called this morning and thinks it's time we put out our festive red, white, and blue. I so agree.... And perhaps when all the clutter magically, like rabbits in velvet top hats magic!!!!, disappears, Betsy Ross will invade my spirit and we'll see flags out the wazoo...???? Talk to you about it tomorrow or so.

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