Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day Tomorrow

You know what? I am not sure where or if we are celebrating Father's Day this year. My dad hasn't been feeling super duper lately, and so tomorrow is kind of up in the air. I have my menu, and I have some little things bought for him, so if things go well, we're having spaghetti with meat sauce, cheese biscuits, lettuce salad, jell-o with bananas, chocolate pie, cherry pie, maybe a ooey gooey cake, and some kind of little vegetable surprise thing. I will probably get to cook this, but just have to wait on the logistics. Since my parents haven't been very well lately, I don't think they've been up here since Thanksgiving. That might not be unusual for some people, but they live less than a mile from here, and I go there every day or so. But it's good to know we can be together at someone's house. Lots of times my son and I buy something like chicken or pizza and take it in. My mother's secret bad? habit is to go ahead and cook the whole thing whether or not it's at her house and whether or not she's "supposed to" because she is a born Paula Deen! I warned her not to do that this time, so she just called me here at 8 p.m. the night before and tells me she has made the Jell-o and the chocolate pie and the cherry pie and she has made the spahetti sauce and has the package of spaghetti. She also has peas Daddy shelled, but I think she's freezing them for me to have for the first snow. That is my favorite little garden tradition from my early "wifery" days. I don't grow my own peas or feed my own husband any more, but still I love to have one little package of frozen home grown peas for that first tracking snow... I bought these at the local grocery store, Matt's Market. He is amazing, always in a cheerful mood, always busy, store much like it has been for years and years. Lovely small grocer with great meat counter and some surprises like homemade bread from Marguerite and jellies, sweatshirts with local holidays, sometimes the occasional homemade cookie or pie. Whatever you do, may you have some good memories tucked in your heart about your daddy. I'll just leave it at that... Blessings to all!

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