Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fairy Jar Swap

OOOhhhh.... Look at this flicker site. Can you imagine the sweet fingers and imaginations that created all these lovelies! This one caught my eye most, but they are all adorable. Look Fairies live all through this website. Dusty, tired day. Did a little cleaning at the shop, mostly grumbled like the sky threatening rain and maybe worse tonight. Great things happening when I got home. My son had decided to grill, so he bought the stuff and had supper all ready. That was an amazing boost for my spirit. Think I might be a bit sore from the little spat I had with an old plastic footstool in my room. I think it bucked me off into the bed foot last night. Made a huge crash and kinda stung a bit. Dunno how that actually happened, but I'm totally fine, just a little tinted with purplish green along my back and kind of stiff. I might actually blame something other than my own clumsiness if anyone had been in the room, but it was just me....
----- Don't you love this little fairy? I need to finish some project so I can do things like this that matter so much more than LAUNDRY, MOPPING FLOORS, RUNNING THE SWEEPER. Those are too loud! Weather bug is chirping on my computer to alert me to the upcoming storm that may be on our doorstep in a few moments. Think I'll sign off for now.

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