Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Early Morning Coffee

When did I grow up and learn to LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee? I know it is an acquired taste, they say. I drank it with my grandmothers, especially Ma, but it was half coffee and half milk/sugar! It was always in a pretty cup, and it was just like liquid candy. Uh... well, guess some things never change. I think I learned to LOVE coffee when I discovered all the flavored creamers out there. My absolute favorite is Southern Butter Pecan. Oh, my. Right now I have Gevalia coffees, and I'm having pecan torte with that creamer... Kind of like a slurp of Thanksgiving pie. The guy who lives with us loves coffee, and he leaves for work about 5:00, so I make us a half pot of coffee for that hour. He takes his, squeaks out my kitchen door, and then I get up... OH, yeah, I got that fancy schmancy coffee maker free with Gevalia that they offer. It has a timer, so it's always brewing about 4:40. Between that heavenly smell and his awful alarm clock that sounds like a really loud phone I'm usually awake, but I usually don't get up until the house is securely "all mine" again.... even though my son is asleep. He's a night worker or a night browser if he's not working. He loves to stay awake all night and sleep half the day.

Today I flung my covers off in a panic that my phone was ringing at that hour. I have a lot of night owl friends who call me late, late, but nobody calls me early unless there is trouble. The joke was on me, and it was simply time to get up. Looks like a stormy day coming. The clouds were pretty and pink early as I sipped my coffee on my deck and contemplated SEVERAL jobs I need to do out there: paint the bench, weed the corners, water the petunias, water the geraniums, and other sundry items. Later, I told myself, but I managed to rescue the plants with water, I hope.

I have Amy of Four Sisters in a Cottage on my mind today. She's headed for chemo. You can read about her amazing journey and send a prayer for her today. Time to hit the road. I'm searching for some little birthday surprises for my mom. Yep, we share a birthday on Friday, and although I'm sure I'm "present" enough (haha), I want something to wrap! Oh, yeah, baby!


CasablancaLily said...

Finally, the RED ROOM is complete. Oh I can't wait to see it. Red Red Red, is there a better color?

KLKinFLA said...

Hi, Gayla! Thanks for stopping's nice to meet you. I'm a coffee fan too. With 2 little ones it's a must! By nature, I'm a night owl like your son, but in recent years I've been forced to become a morning person :) Have a great evening!