Thursday, June 28, 2007


Look who's snoozin' at the party! This is Peaches, and he's a very very lucky cat. If I were to ever come back as a cat, I would want to belong to my wonderful friend. This is also going to be a peek at her beautiful home. We went there for banana splits after our night out for my birthday. She has the artistic touch, and I wanted to show a few of her beautiful displays. I think her style is unique. She has old world charm, some antiques, a pretty blend of Northwest Lodge, and a sprinkle of just dramatic beauty. It's an absolutely calm, beautiful place to visit (and I imagine, live!). We call her Paula Deen because she's a gracious hostess and wonderful cook. She's just lovely! Always has gorgeous jewelry and cute clothes!!!

My camera and me... what a combination. These hutches and cabinets are lovely. After I let the photoshop fix and reduce and save the photos, and I deleted them from my camera, I don't think the fixer did a super job, and I think they might have been better before???? Oh, well.. You get the idea.

We are putting to bed a neat little Tavern Restaurant in our town called The Thorn Tree! It fixes wonderful steaks, shrimps, and prime rib, and the owner/cook is simply retiring to play golf. We will all miss it, and Saturday is the final night for service. Busy place tonight. Some of the guests were taking advantage of the last week to come in and order personal favorites. I ordered the patty melt and baked potato. Yum-0! Not exactly low calorie, but then, it was a special occasion.

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