Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ah, sea dreams studio. What a lovely name, lovely logo! Today you can call me Paint Dreams Studio. My living room has finally arrived! Today my son painted one coat, tomorrow if it dries, the next. Summer's humid temperatures have made this a different experience than we had last year with the furnace blasting in mid November. So, fans are flapping all the loose curtains, and it feels like Nanuck of the North Pole with AC on, fans pumping, and all the furniture askew. But, maybe by the weekend I'll be all ready to hang up pictures and mirrors, arrange the furniture, and call the room a success. He painted over the stenciled cabin border I did long ago. It was a labor of love, and I'd carefully saved it during the last painting, masking it off and creating a border. I wanted it gone, I think. It looks more professional, and I'm sure better than a little home stenciled pale border atop the bold red! Everything pops on red, the cream curtains, the little frames on the pictures, shelves, woodwork. I may get tired of it, but hopefully not in the next few years. I'm just plain tired today anyway. Kind of grumpy around the edges. Probably didn't get my beauty sleep in last night. Haha... Went to the doctor with Dad and discovered his medicines were making the digoxin level in his blood too high. That may be why he's been so sick and losing so much weight. I hope we get some of this straightened out so he'll feel better.
I personally think it's time for a summer party. I would have tried to come up with a midsummer night's party, but due to painting emergency, I'll have to wait for another time.
According to Sarah Ban Breathnach sometimes it's necessary to call a cease fire on watching the news. I have been trying that experiment this summer. I watch no CNN, no Anderson Cooper, no Fox news, nothing. I do catch some headlines on Yahoo homepage, and of course, my mother updates me on all the heinous things going on. I dunno if it has helped or just made me concentrate on the few bad news stories I have heard about, like that woman in Ohio. I don't know how long this is supposed to go on, but since I'm the one that started it, I can call a halt any time I choose, I guess. I did find my movie for Saturday video, so be sure to tune in. It isn't news, and it's sooooo cute! this has been one summer dreams studio post, with little snippets from all the corners of my brain. It I hadn't been to Walmart so many times this month, I'd say it's time for a Watermelon. Maybe I'll see a truck along the road. Better clean out the bottom shelf before I do that. My next menu item is going to be Philly Burgers. I found the recipe in Taste of Home Summer Barbecue magazine. Looks like an easy and yummy meal for my boys. The hamburger is mixed with Philly cream cheese, onion, mushroom, and Dijon mustard. Then a little Worcestershire and onion ring on top in a Kaiser roll. Looks delish! I just need to grab some Onion rings in a can. Always something!I forget no matter how clever I am with my list! Take care, all!

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