Saturday, May 12, 2007

"There's got to be a morning after" was a popular song when I was younger. I think it was a song written for the disaster movie, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. This is that morning after for some very dear friends of our family. A young girl has passed away last night. She was the young sister of one of my son's very best friends. Such sadness, such an end to dreams, to hopes, to plans. I will forever think of the inscription on a tombstone in my cemetery, "Many hopes lie buried here." Amen. My son hasn't come home yet from the night. He spent it not with his friend although he called me to send someone. No, my son was already involved spending time with a young woman who had just given birth in diffcult situations. She was in the hopsital, had a beautiful daughter, and then spent the night in surgery and in danger of losing her young life, too. What a night. I am so sad right now. Young people hurt so differently, so hopelessly. There seems no way through it for them, so they move out of their own picture. So crushing. I thank God for his loving arms because where would I go when I hurt like this -----without Him?

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