Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Money. . .

There. I've gone loco! Let me tell you about my torrid affair with Victoria magazine. Once upon a time my mother subscribed to it for a few years. When she finished an issue, she gave it to me to read. I was kind of expected to give it back to her to send on to antoher friend and another relative after that. I begged to be the last person on the list so I could keep them... Finally for a couple of years, I was. I kept them.... Then enter Flylady, Clean Sweep, and some of those minimalist magazines. Yeah... I hated myself and my clutter, so naturally I attacked the one thing that I thought capsulated my clutter: my poor magazines. I cut out some photos, saved a few spreads in the good Lord knows what folder (still unfound), and sent the rest to the dump. My Victorias!!! I have read so many blogs with women saying things like, "Who would ever get rid of a Victoria? What kind of woman would do that?" etc. and I shyly have looked away from the computer.
Well, this is the week that ate the momey at our house. Tuesday I had to buy new glasses for the second time since February (why? Because my first doctor was a charlatan, a jerk, and a cheat and a liar about the refund when he MISDIAGNOSES what has been wrong... another tale and not fun). Wednesday I had to buy groceries and had been puttingt it off so long it was astronomical. Thursday I had to buy a new hot water heater. (The old one had some kind of dip valve disintegration that was ruining my shower, washer, and my dishwasher... yuck). So, bereft of my August paycheck (which schools entrust to teachers in May. Why?) I was browsing on Ebay. I found these lovelly Victoria lots at about 20.00 each for over fifty issues each. I was estatic.. However, I didn't get them for that lovely price. Oh, no... I sat right here in my nightie and bid 66 dollars EACH on the lots... But they are mine! 110 issues of Victoria magazine. Did Iever mention I'm a bit excessive at times? It was one of the first things I thought of after my little morning devotion (which I still am going to do, Lord!).... Any way you slice it, it's a great deal with each issue only about $1.75. Looks like they span from 1994-1998 or something like that. Any words of solace and "you go girl" type comments would be welcome!

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