Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday thoughts and prayers.

These are my parents. this photo was taken on Christmas morning at their home. Today finds both of them quite ill, and nothing for me to do about it, apparently. Except pray, which I am doing. Stew, which I'm trying NOT to do, and call them way too often to see how they are "at the moment." My dad has congestive heart failure, and he is having a rotten weekend. Weak, little air, and just plain sick. My mom went to bed last night with the dizzies (she's so worried about him) and the weak feeling. Tonight she is just sitting in her little recliner crying... not very productive, but still just what she feels she has to do, I guess. I have a "proactive" call into the doctor, who probably won't call me back. They won't go to the emergency room to check vitals... I am frustrated and kind of listless or empty feeling. I don't do "wait "very well at all.

The upper photo is on a much much better day a few years ago with my dad on his new John Deere mower. Right this minute my son is mowing on that mower outside my bedroom window. I remember that my dad had been feeling really rotten for a while, got to feeling better and came up to surprise me with the mower. If anyone reads this, please say a little prayer for my mom and dad. Good, good people.... and I love them so much.

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Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Hi Gayla,

I'm going through the same thing now. My mom who is 83 is in the hospital. She's been there since Thursday. She has internal bleeding in her stomach and they don't know what's causing it. It's hard when our parents get older, isn't it?