Sunday, April 29, 2007

Summer yearnings.

I am trying to be positive tonight. I have been thinking of some wonderful ways to spice up my shop. Isn't this wreath cute? It's for sale on Ebay! Right here!Ebay auction And I know I would love it, but probably will be happier thinking I will make it myself sometime! Mom and Dad are resting a bit and I thought I'd think of some special attributes they have given me, such as work work work!!! I have been raised by people who love to work, so much so that it's hard for me to think of any other hobby other than something you do, make, redo, or clean! This weekend was really a fast one, but I'm hanging on to the fact that it's only about four weeks until I'm off for three months. I always start the summer with some kind of horribly long long list of things to work on, and I usually get most of them done. In no particular order, here are a few of my summer plans: (See how I get my mind off my worries about my parents? It isn't I don't think about them, but this is the way I take my brain to something more hopeful.)
1. Well, this summer I have to get my deck coated with some kind of protective finish. And after I do that, I want to make it into some kind of an outdoor room like Cindy's Romantic ones on her website! And like Alison does in the back of her Brocante Cottage. Not sure how to accomplish this, but armed with photos, magazines, and a few throw pillows and pots of flowers and herbs... Stay tuned for some photos of that if it ever happens.
2. I want to reorganize Shady Peanut Lane. My cousin, who has tons of cool things in there, is taking a load of her stuff to a wonderful flea market in northern Missouri called Rutledge. I will have to fill the spaces with something, and I want to make some felt pillows and hangings, do some wreaths and light boxes, create some kind of craft with paint and stencils... you know... stuff you see and think you could do! I need to put up or shut up!
3. Lose weight. This is every fat kid's dream: to go back to school a whole bunch thinner... This could be the year. I've done it before.
4. Write curriculum. I am helping the school write curriculum for state inspection. Fun? Actually, yeah, it kind of is a hypnotic way to spend a rainy afternoon.
5. Made greeting cards and notecards. I love doing that for my shop...
Well, I'll stop for now.... who knows what else will find its way into this list before summer actually starts.

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