Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back to the Beginning

Well, what amazing events have unfolded during the past week. As I have mentioned before, I am a retired school teacher. I have been teaching half days in a neat little system for the past years, but I spent 27 full day years at the same school, teaching English to high school and junior high. This week I was offered the opportunity to go back to that school in what is known in Missouri as a hardship situation. In that, I will teach full time, get benefits paid, draw a full salary based on the one I had when I left AND draw my retirement. It can only last two years at the most, and one may be all, but still it was just too good to pass up. I requested a release from next year's contract, and I'm going back.
I have decided that I can pay down a lot of bills with this added money, look for a job when the year or two is over, and enjoy a bit of a break. I'm also excited about going back. I have missed the school, my old room, my coworkers, and the idea of being a Wildcat! I cannot express how sweet all the people at both schools have been. It has been so inspirational to me. I certainly hope I hve learned a lot of new coping skills and kindness skills and the ability skill to keep my mouth shut a bit more when things go awry. Let'a all just hope.
Watched American Idol tonight. Wow... I simply bawled when Jordin sang, "You'll Never Walk Alone." What an amazing voice. I think she may win it all. I also love the little Doolittle girl, but wow.... Got into a debate with Tyler about corporations and their greed in giving and advertising through their generosity... I don't know the answers. I just see those pictures of those children in Africa and other places, and I am so saddened. Something must be done.
Sad week with the news from Virginia Tech. I hope for better things for American young people. This is very hard for them to face, day after day... stressful and difficult. I am going to make an attempt to face things more positively. I've really been working at that with the idea of the bracelets that change arms with every complaint. I don't actually own one, but I still try to go through a day with zero complaints... Not happening yet, but...
As you see, failure with the digital camera prevails. I even had a lovely bouquet at Easter that faded into oblivion without a photo. I know if I got into it, I could do it.

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Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

That's great news about the job! I have so much respect for teachers that work with teenagers. That is a challenging job!