Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's March! This month decided to come in as a lion, so we will watch for a gentler departure on the 31st. I have been silent on my blog for over a week. Spent last Saturday in St. Louis at a Beth Moore Simulcast. What a delight in the Lord. Ispent the day with my good friend, and we looked at Beth's bible study on getting out of that pit. It was fantastic. This, though, has been a trying week. I think that's what happens after a mountaintop experience.
Today is the beginning of the new week for me. I will be posting some pictures this week of projects I've actually accomplished. Today later I'm taking pictures of my tapletops with the leprechaun figures I'm so fond of. I love Ireland and Irish whimsy.
I'm posting more this week, and I hope to attract some readers. I know people usually post for themselves, but it is fun to hear from someone who might be reading and maybe get to be friends. I'm sure there's a way to go about this, but what?
Be seeing you... Blessings!

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Nise' said...

Hi, just wanted you to know that i found your blog through The Living Proof Ministry Blog and I enjoyed reading what you have to share!

I think that alot of people read, but don't leave a comment...;O)