Sunday, February 18, 2007

My life, or something like That...

This photo looks so much like my view from my back window... I have a tree row of ancient oaks, locusts, and elm that flank the back of my house and harbor a little creek, many weeds, and a little glimpse of a tractor trailer that my ex husband has stashed there forever, I believe. It is full of his kind of manly treasures, old junk, iron pieces, old tools and car parts. For the most part, it is hidden, and it certainly doesn't show up or bother me in the least. I thought I would explain just a bit about my usual day. I live with my son, who is 25, and a friend of his who works in the same factory. They are welders, computer enthusiasts, and generally nice young men who always take the time to enjoy my cooking and help me or my parents when we need a strong arm. It is a great setup for me because I get to cook for men, who are so much fun to cook for, and I get some wonderful time alone to dream, nooze, watch the Food Channel, or putter. I can't forget to mention my stripey little cat named Sally. She runs the roost, and as you can see from the post earlier, she is furry, big-eyed, and absolutely in charge of everything. This is the beginning of an attempt to excavate my authentic self, to eliminate the clutter and baggage of a lifetime of compliance, settling, and simply zoning out the unpleasant. With this blog, I hope to share my projects and record a bit of my life as it unfolds. At my age it is time to decide not to house things that don't reflect the person I am or hope to be. That means goodbye to a pair of Victorian Velvet chairs my mother has always secretly coveted. She will be receiving them via my son and Kenny ---- maybe tomorrow? At least soon. Ten things a week would be lovely... or more. We'll see.

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