Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Missing My Shop

You know, this ice and snow has taken its toll in many ways, but one thing for sure. I sure

have missed my days in my gift shop in Bevier. This is a shot of Shady Peanut Lane, my little corner of the commercial world. usually I spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons there, just puttering around and getting all settled in. Right now, the shop is cold, dark, and empty because I haven't been able to open up due to the ice and snow. We specialize in candles, and in little pieces of ephemera, gift items, seasonal things, coffees, teas, and jellies. Actually, the shop doesn't make any profit because of the location and the price constraints on my budget. However, I am always happy there. Many of my friends come by to see me, visit, and enjoy the conversation. Kind of a country store for women... All we need is the checker board on the pickle barrel.

See You Soon, Shady Peanut!

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Carrie said...

Your shop is so cute and I love the name!! :) I too, own a little shop and I do feel blissful while I'm there. It's like home and I feel I would be lost without it! :) I hope you got in there after this post and didn't have to miss a day :) Thanks for entering my contest!! :)