Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello to Spring!

Maybe it was the melting snows or the sunny weather today, but my thoughts have turned into the March rhythms. I made a large, bubbly pot of Irish stew today, and I have been working on my house. That process is my passion. Stay tuned for some pictures I'll be posting of my leprechauns, my Irish linens, and my spring bunnies. Good-bye to the valentines and the Christmas ivy...

What kinds of things say Ireland to you? I am empassioned about Ireland because I have relatives, ancient ancestors, who arrived on a huge immigrant boat from Ireland in 1704. The legends, the amazing Celtic music, and the simple cottages are in my soul.

All I know is that there is a time to clean, and this Irish woman is also working on her dream house. I think she might be getting ready for her Irish husband to come in from the sea.

I won't be doing that. It's sometimes very difficult to keep up the spring in my step, the hope in my spirit, and the fire in my soul when the two wonderful men in my home are not really into that kind of thing. I know that being married isn't any guarantee that you'll be greeted with enthusiasm over a new arrangement on the coffee table. So, I continue to work and putter and dream about my house... just for me and for the house fairies that inspire and chide me into something new. Yesterday was Pantry Clean-out day... Now what to do with the things that just don't belong in there? There's always something...

My beautiful friend Alison at BrocanteHome will be launching her spring clean very soon. As young and vivacious as she is, and as old and stiff as I am.... I'd better get a little jump on the seaonsal scrub here at my home, affectionately known as The Three-Corner Patch.

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Cindy said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog the other day. I'm with you, everything I do in my house is for me because my teenage daughter doesn't care whether the house is clean or decorated nicely. I can imagine it's even harder living with two men.