Thursday, July 9, 2020

An Uptick in our County

Whimsy and Hugs! I was very dismayed this week to read the ever-increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in our county. Many all resulted from a Church Revival... and others came from travel. A few developed after an Amish wedding. We (my son and I) are still staying in lock-down. I have seen a few friends from a distance on my porch, but now.... too hot for this air-conditioned house-kitty! On the days I wake up feeling human, not dizzy from Vertigo, I take my cat in with me to my Studio to keep her from vocally participating in my son's work teleconferencing. She must think he's talking to her! She busied herself working at the doorknob in that room to get out and back to "her Precious." I fancy that means she is smart to dig at the knob, but meanwhile she is knocking down my stuff!

 I have finally quit my job as chef! My son is doing great on a Keto diet, and I get pretty sick of left-overs... I finally grew tired of Aldi's cranberry almond chicken salad (after a steady diet of it for eight weeks!) So... I am just gearing up for summer fare.

 My plan book is filling with ideas for deep cleaning the living room and re-arranging some furniture.... once it decides to stop spinning around me. Right now I am a cat-sitting, laundry-folding, paper-gluing home dweller. I have a friend who  keeps wondering and asking me what I have done each day... I know she can't believe laundry even makes my list! For the 36 years I taught school, nothing on my daily to-do list would have even made the cut...  I never wrote down daily tasks--- just big, dreamy plans.

 I found this photo of a bacon cheeseburger soup I love to make (and eat.) I think it looks sooo good, but my recipe would have to evolve a little and use keto ingredients and no taters... lol That's like having a Fourth of July without fireworks... Ask me how I know! I am saying, "Get this red, white, and blue out of here. I failed again!" lol...

 Now this kitty? She knows how to thoroughly enjoy lock-down...

 My son has her calling me Karen! I never know what she is thinking, but he seems to improvise and imagine my cat to be quite the sarcasm queen!

 "Hey, Karen! Let's have chicken for supper!"

"Hey, Karen. My twin sister and I (see our resemblance? I am the prettier one) think you should maybe get out of our house! Today, Karen..."

 I need to print this out because I really believe it is the way to live!

  Take care, Dear ones!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your kitty looks like ours! I love this picture of the big cloud behind the tree! Yes, people finally get tired of distancing and wearing masks. But the virus does not get tired. I hope your vertigo goes away soon, it is so miserable! It will make me nauseous as well.

Miss Merry said...

We are staying home, too. Our little rural county has had a whooping 54 cases since July 1. Most are planning the Hispanic farm workers, but they only account for 10 cases. The rest are classified as "community spread". There is a couple at a church, some at a nursing home, and the rest? Personally I think it was too many Father's Day BBQs, trips to a nearby island in Lake Erie known for an excess of bars and generally indifference to mask wearing.

We are hoping that our lives might return to normal by next summer? Who knows.

Jeanie said...

What a terrific post, Gayla! Your cat is gorgeous -- maybe more of a Countess than a Karen! And I adore your canister set.

I'm in lockdown too, at the lake. It's pretty easy to not see anyone close-up here! Stay well!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Precious kitty!!!!!!

But I do get upset, that a common name, has been hi-jacked by the *Woke People*... To denote a nasty attitude, about white women, of a certain age.

How must all those Karens feel? How sad they must feel. To be slandered, by such a miserable bunch of people. -sigh-sigh-sigh-sigh-sigh-

I know your son and you, do not consider this.

But... Still.... Think if your name was and has been Karen, all your life...