Saturday, August 17, 2019


We interrupt this Autumn program with a breaking news item.

In college the professor I had for Theater Appreciations was a rather mad scientist type. I actually think he was pretty good because I remember most of his lectures. I resonated in spirit with "dark comedy." Deep satire and sarcasm that just is a bit too much to be funny... but there we are, just a few of us standing there laughing.  So I apologize before I start for these photos... I am not making light of the situation or the victims here... Perhaps I am just engaging some dark humor instead of tears?

Yesterday my phone rang at 3:15 a.m. Highway Patrol. I hadn't been to sleep, and I knew my son was fine here with me, but I was still rather scared. Not to worry. Everyone was fine. They were calling for permission to enter my house, my former house, --- up North.

Would I press charges against anyone inside? My response? "Oh, I'd love to!" I heard how those words came out--- so sweet and trilling as if they had asked me to a garden party. 

They told us to stay home, that someone would either call or follow up. Well, I was not sleepy so I car-watched out my west window... I saw the blurs of flashing light on speeding police cars... My son had to work so he went back to sleep. I did some crochet and my activity predawn really confused the cat.

Long story short. They took three burglars into custody. One more was pending. More damage to the "house" and more "stuff" saved for .... something. Their cars were full.... of stuff.

I don't know these four young people, but I can assume they needed/wanted quick cash at a pawn shop or somewhere. I cannot imagine their state of mind... the stuff they were taking sure wouldn't have netted me much at an auction. But... now here they are, caught in the act... They were from other counties. The deputy told me my house has been "hit" many times as kind of an easy target.  My friend, the auctioneer, is meeting me extremely soon, and we are emptying the home from temptation. Then... any suggestions? I told one of my dear friends: "Somebody needs to do something."   ... and then the dark humor blunted my spirits that were just a bit jagged. "Listen to yourself," my inner Mom and Dad, the voice of conscience, screamed...  "Nobody is going to do a darn thing--- you Daughter, YOU need to do something." Indeed...

So in the paraphrased text of one of my early, rather troubling books--- I guess since all my earthly protectors and buffers against the real world named Mom and Dad have passed away, the answer to my query: Who will do this insurmountable, anxious, unhappy task only I can do?  The cat says, I won't. (No kidding. When did a cat EVER do things like this?) The people not named me say, I won't (Even though many have offered, this isn't a job for anyone not named me...) So the little red must do it herself...

So she did.

This blog will return tomorrow to its regularly-scheduled activities

Whimsy and Hugs!


NanaDiana said...

Oh,Gayla. Been there and done that. It is not an easy journey to "let go" and move forward. However, it is one that you will have to undertake at some point. I will say that once you get into it and start the process it seems that it propels you forward and gets easier each step of the way. Taking that first step is the hardest. I have done this three times in my life. xo Diana

Miss Merry said...

Oh my gosh, I am so angry on your behalf. I think this has to be the final straw. You go girl - first - prosecute those jerks!

Get the auctioneer there and move that stuff out. Set a date this fall and it all has to go. Get him to commit to take all he can as soon as possible. Get the amish girls over to pack up the rest to donate. This is your fall project. Not the project you wanted, but the project you will complete.

A year ago January I decided I could not longer be the furniture storage facility for the last 3 generations. My kids all own houses and have decorated from Pottery Barn and other stores I don't even know and nobody wants farmhouse quality bedroom sets, miscellaneous dressers, slightly warped tables, etc that I saved for them. And we were having trouble walking around in rooms. I sold it all at a garage sale for pennies. Even the slightly creaking bed we slept in.

We cashed in the huge quantity of coffee cans of loose change that I think might have been holding the bed up for a few decades and threw in some cash. We ordered a brand spanking new bedframe, two nightstands and two dressers, (no mirror, are you kidding, I am over 60) from the Amish. While they were building it, we painted the room, saw the condition of carpet and ordered new.

It has been so freeing. The old dressers had shallow drawers so we were heaping clothes on top of them. We can actually see the floor. We can see the walls since it isn't wall to wall touching furniture. I finally had to decide to let go. It was all going when I am gone anyway.

I am just angry that you could not make your own timetable, that these irresponsible jerks have made that choice for you. Good Luck!!!!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad they caught them!!!!