Friday, February 8, 2019

This is why I don't do a cooking blog!

We are all cozy and warm although I think my son has a little cabin fever. He has worked from home three days. Now, not me... I am such a homebody... and not this girl either.

I did not think to take beautiful dawn pictures, but I sure saw them on Facebook. The world is glittered, ready to enchant the brave souls sliding forth.

I decided to make 2-Crust pizza because I had everything I needed. I have shared it before, but I just thought to myself: I will take step by step photos! Um.... I don't think Pioneer Woman has any competition.

First I sprayed my oven pan. Then I flattened a tube of crescent rolls, added leftovers of choice. Today it was juicy burger and mozzarella cheese.

Add the top crust (2nd tube of crescent rolls) and pinch the sides to seal.

Pop into a 350 degree oven....

so far, so good... But you see, I have a cog missing with my little convection oven... I either have things burn in record time... or they're raw. Today... because I set it and forget it, I I got both!

First I burnt it... Then I realized I had set one knob too far over... on broil. So it was totally raw on the bottom. I flipped it over (Big mess and NO PHOTO!)  Finally.... Voila! I burnt it on the bottom, which was now the top...

Once a long time ago I remember sitting down to a meal prepared by Mom... I don't remember what she served, but evidently it was a new recipe, and she was "testing" either the new grub... or my daddy. I saw him slowly take a bite. My dad loved the same food over and over. He could have happily lived on a little cheeseburger at every meal, and Mom dearly loved to make him try new things...  Dad ate this dish and looked over at me, grinned, and loudly announced to Mom: "It tastes better than it looks!" He was so proud to be able to say that.... but if you knew my Mom, you might suspicion she was really not all that pleased! I guess today's big do was kind of like that... better than it looks...

I washed the flow blue and rearranged it today. Some of it was Mom's, and some was recovered after a little "journey" by our local sheriff's department. I have decided to use some for table settings.. Life is short. Use the flow blue... It could be here today, gone tomorrow, back the day after... or not. Most of my stuff is not... I am really happy to see this because every piece "sparks joy, Marie."

Boy, my kitty is in love with my space heater!  She really "don't care" it costs me six dollars a day extra to run! Have fun... Stay cozy.

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

Your thieves took the flow blue? What kind of thieves were these? I am so glad that you got these back; praying the rest will all be found, too.

I have started using "things" more, too. My kids aren't interested in all my family keepsakes and so I have decided to spoil myself with special stuff. Starting with my collection of adorable crocheted pot holders. And I drink out of my gramma's crystal.

When I bought my new oven, I had to get the convection feature! But I am not sure I like it as much as I thought it would. I also have issues with overcooking and burning and temperature adjustment, etc.

Sue said...

So happy your blue ware was recovered, it is so pretty. I had to smile as I read this, just yesterday I turned a burner on with an empty pot thinking the kettle was there it burned black, I was afraid it was ruined, but with some elbow grease and Bar keepers friend , it came out better than ever. I am .
known for trying new recipes out on company, not a good idea, ~smile~. Your photos look so warm and cozy.
Have a blessed evening.