Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Weatherghan/Temperathread Project.

I am embarking on a super little fun project for 2019... I want to join the crowd of crochet lovers who reflect the temperatures in a piece of work. I just don't want to do  it the usual way... (shocker!)

Normally a person does this huge blanket called  "temperature blanket or weatherghan" over the course of a year with a line of stitching representing the high, the average, or the predicted temperature mean for each of our 365 days. Now that's a blanket! I don't really want a king size blanket that weighs 30 pounds... (almost!) I also do not want to buy that much yarn, but I do just love weather....and my fidgety fabulous nature dictates a real dedication to the letter of the law in this project. That means if I am doing it, I want to reflect both the high and the low temperature each day.

So... I think I will commit to a series of weather projects. Or I might weave them all together in a blanket as monthly blocks with a black border of crocheted lace.  I bought some scrumptious Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn to start, and it arrived today... Looking back at the past 8 days I am past due on 16 rows of highs and lows! However, JoAnn's had some fabulous sales, and I scored 12 skeins for a bit over $26, so I just had to wait for Mr. Fed Ex to swoop in with my order.

I also chose some metal Tim Holtz charms to signify the months and the moods... I can stitch those in, along with with some of my and Mom's jewelry to add texture, bling, and melody. Of course, their main purpose is to identify the months.

I am off to choose my colors and set up my first project... Already in our little Missouri climate, we've used 7 of the 12 colorways. Our temperature fluctuation here is wild. We have had lows in the 20's and one day it was in the 60's! So I have a solitary stripe of burgundy for that!....

Now all this sounds really frivolous, as if I had nothing to do. Well, shoot! That is NOT the case. I just usually get some stitchy time during the day, and I have always loved chasing the weather (from here, not like the storm chasers in  that 1996 Adventure movie Twister.) Shut my eyes and I can see the stormy wind ruffling through my dad's hair and flapping his loose cotton shirt around him. He loved to go out and raise his face toward the skies during turbulent weather. Little Mrs. Careful Fussbudget, AKA my wonderful Mom, wouldn't join him (and wouldn't let me!) I always had that mingling of worry and pride in him.

So I am caught up for 8 days in January. I found a basket for the yarn, and a book for my notes.

Whimsy and Hugs!  P.S.  I just saw a different project, and I am doing it....  instead... Fickle My Heart.... lol  I will post an update when I do that.... 

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NanaDiana said...

I can't wait to see it, Gayla. One of my friends has done one for the last 3 or 4 years and they are beautiful when they are finished. That is an ambitious project! xo Diana