Thursday, September 13, 2018

Frogs and Rain

Just a short post to send out a heartfelt prayer to all those in the path of Hurricane Florence.

I went on a little ride with a dear friend today.... just a bit of Mickey D drivethrough and a stop at the lake followed by a look around different areas of town. She looked at me and quite seriously posed the question: "Ok, if this were you, would you stay or evacuate?"

Fair question, and I personally judge no one for a choice based on so many factors. Provided my son would do the same, given my health and arthritis issues, I am gone... Leaving early with a few things, my son of course, my kitty.... that would be my choice. I would hope all those with very small or very fragile loved ones could do the same. Here in the MidWest we face tornadoes and blizzards. Both of those are less likely to be widespread and set in stone. Anyway... may God bless all the children of any age in the storms.

A friend took the following storm photos a couple weeks ago. She had these on Facebook.

Those were taken only a mile or so from my front yard. The beautiful and the terrible sides of nature are woven into one.


Today I had the pleasure of eating a frog.

Good old Mark Twain! Mom and I loved this saying and tried to live by it. I can see her now standing precariously, gripping the edges of the kitchen sink with her walker tucked behind her, water streaming down her fragile little neck and face. We had washed her hair first thing in the morning, and it was quite a chore. "Well, we ate our frog!" she "hollered" gleefully. Indeed, Mama. 

My frog today was to go get my driver's license renewed. It had expired on my birthday, June 29th. I don't really go anywhere on purpose so I really procrastinated, dreaded, and whipped this into an ordeal. Missouri gives six months before we must retake driving test, but if I drove, I was illegal. So today I stood at the new kitchen sink and washed my hair, promising myself (as if I were a separate, wayward small and rebellious child) if I "ate this frog," I could go to McDonald's....

I had taken three practice tests online and I typically hoped for a perfect score on the sign test. However, those "wascally wabbitts" left off the white words on the DO NOT ENTER sign...  I said it had words on it but I thought it meant... "Hey, you! Something's not right ahead of ya." She said I missed it by a smidge...

A laughing man took my photo (which looks as if I have been arrested for drunken crack cocaine use, by the way). He laughed really loud when he saw it and announced, "You look like you are lit up like a Christmas tree." ----or something like that.... I hadn't seen it so was expecting something holiday-ish... I am not sharing it since it is slightly more Lurch than Morticia....  and an entirely different sort of holiday...

Tomorrow I get to stay home. I have about five frogs that should be eaten, but not two days in a row. I had lovely company on Tuesday! I love that!!!!  

Whimsy and Hugs!

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