Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I'm not kidding anyone!

Good morning!  This is a little long so you might need coffee!!!

I just want you to know I am not above lying to myself. I make effort to be truthful to all my family and friends, but when it comes down to me? Ummm... not as much. So recently I resorted to a tiny bit of retail therapy under the guise of "possibly" getting in some early Christmas shopping.

Obviously photo is pre-keto! No popcorn either! 


Well, no. I am probably NOT giving any of my stash away... So farewell to the Santa aspect of my purchases! I want it all! lolol... Little greedy mice have to admit it when they are hogging the cheese! 
First, I did not spend a ton. Second, I supported some independent private artisans from Ebay and Etsy. Third, I think I deserved it... lol  

My first haul is the only one that has arrived so far! Those of you who have followed me for long remember how much joy I derived from tablescapes and little parties at my table. All through my years of caring and helping Mom I was always changing out our dishes, "ordering dishes," and having little parties. Boom! The pandemic screeched the brakes on that ---for sure! So I have been enjoying my old, old red table in the kitchen... just for me. We eat the only meal (I say "meal" loosely if you can call keto a meal. Is there a meal really without a potato? lol) in the living room watching a TV show...

So, I have been loving the old table I inherited from my great grandmother in the mornings with my journals or devotions, in the daylight with my cards, letters, (bills) and notes... and at night with candles and magical dreaming... Long story short... I decided to choose some cute center quilted table mats for sparkling up the seasons and days. I found a really reasonable and prolific seamstress on Ebay HERE  .... 

Welcome to my table, said the spider to the fly! 
These are a bit creased from the mail and the cabinet I use for storage,,, Each one is reversible so I got only half as many as it seems! 

Valentine or Summer

Early Autumn

Brrrr! January

Autumn or Summer. The pumpkin syrup gets a B/B+

Love little mug mats ... all yellow print on reverse

Thanksgiving November

Merry Christmas!

Any time!

Morning Riser!

But first, Coffee!

Summer harvest

 Country Fields

So... that's my stash... Ready for a table, a cabinet, a basket topper. Hope you enjoyed! 

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

Adorable! Your table will be so special. Great patterns and you can change it all up on a whim. Sometimes (especially THIS year) we just have to spoil ourselves.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! What a pleasure to read your blog today. Because my favorite thing to do is shop. I am going to this link tonight! I also love your red & white pitcher. I have been known to buy more than one gift which I then kept for myself! Now I have wised up, and will get two when I see a great gift. One for each of us. Your mantle and your flowers are beautiful!!

deepinthegreenlilacpark@gmail.com said...

Really lovely, you have cheered me up

Susie said...

What Christmas gifts? what friends?...yes, I would keep those myself. LOL I love them. Especially the coaster looking ones. Hey what with us having to stay in and not getting to shop, we(you) deserve those gifts. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Beside a babbling brook... said...

~giggles~ Sometimes, we just need a bit of self~gifting. Especially with this *(&#%&(*%^(%^&*( Wuhan Virus Pandemic.

And these items, are all, to make your Home, more Joyful.

Who can argue with that????????


Jeanie said...

Lots of loveliness here! Oh, these are all so pretty -- what a table you can have. And yes, sometimes retail therapy is what we need -- especially when we can't just go out and window shop!

Beside a babbling brook... said...


Tell me....

Are you on only, "New" Blogger now?

Like my Sig. Line.

😰😱Did Blogger finally do it?????😰😱