Tuesday, February 25, 2020

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Whimsy and Hugs! Spring is motoring our way in 23 days! It is only 209 days until Autumn and 303 days until Christmas! lol
I am not really tired of winter and was kinda happy to see a fresh snow this morning. It has already melted!

I have several months of these cutie Precious Moments, so March and April are here with my solo chickie juice glass... I cannot find any more... and I have no recollection of where this came from or if I had a full set??? Weird.

I have always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.

Mama made me a full set of these sweet bluebirds doing many busy homebody tasks...

The wearin' o' the green...

My little stack of paper whimsies I have been creating...

Such a yummy little tub of Spring-ness...

I made the birdhouse that has a small electric light. It was a gift for my Mama... She would love to see her doll out for Spring.


A favorite spot for a nap... I have to hurry to get the cover on before she jumps up on my lap. She is a fan of some movies and others just put her to sleep. I am the same.

A favorite brand of tea. Harney & Sons has a new line of tea in beautiful tins.

Whatever your weather... may you feel blessed and happy. Thanks for being my loyal friends!


racheld said...

Absolutely exhilarating! Cozy and beautiful and so, so welcoming (of Spring AND of Folks). So good to see your name pop up, and it's been a good day for blogging for me, as well. New phones gave me back my e-mail and access to LAWN TEA, so I'm glad to be able to say hello again---I've missed Y'all.

Love all the charming nooks and corners and facets of your interesting life, and so glad to be in touch again!

Miss Merry said...

You are bringing in a touch of Spring! I love your little Madame Alexander doll and your chickie glass is adorable. Doesn't feel much like Spring here today. It was snowing and sleeting our way home tonight. Brrrrr Thanks for stopping by, my grandkids call me "Mimi". I tried to get the oldest to call me gramma, but somehow he chose Mimi and that is what they all call me.

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