Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Slipping by

October, probably one of my top 12 months, is simply roaring past me... like gangbusters, they say.

Lots of things have been keeping my attention. Here's my top ten as October draws ever closer to her half-way mark.

* My son had some health problems that actually necessitated a trip to the ER. He had acute bronchitis without the cough... just no air. He is doing much better.

* He also got the green light to work a few weeks from home. It's great having him around all day, He is in web meetings and programming mostly...

* My son started Paleo Meal plan again after a few years off it. I am having fun making Fall Paleo dishes.

* I finally kicked myself into gear and painted the kitchen cabinets... just the bottom ones, but it was an all-day business.

* Rearranged the front porch a bit, cleaned it, and removed summer stuff, putting out a little Autumn.

* I've been pinned down by my cat every time I sit down because we heard some poor bunny screaming outside and some nasty creatire growling and being territorial. Not sure what happened to the bunny, but my kitty suspects the worst. lol.

* Still trying to get someone hired to help batten down the hatches in my north house. I cannot believe how hard it is to find worker bees.

* Loving the daylights out of my Studio! Who knew it was so much fun to have my arts in one spot?

* Taking the extra time to just linger through the beauty of Autumn. Loving these nights in the 40's...

* Ever and Always being grateful for my many blessings, past, present, and future.

Whimsy and Hugs!

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Miss Merry said...

Awesome Autumn Gayla! Glad to hear your son is doing better. Hopefully the Amish girls can make a return appearance to the other house, get all the possessions sorted and maybe you can put it on the market. I bet your painted cabinets are adorable. I can't believe how fast October is flying past, either.