Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Thunder Road

Good morning!

Rain and thunderstorms today create that special cozy feeling  that encourages a person to dig in deep, wear comfort clothes, and simmer something wonderful. (I would say chili... I know, shocker). I am such a sucker for chili weather, especially if said environment presents itself in the midst of Summer Solstice week! So today shall be such a day, filled with journal-making and laundry, crochet and candles, kitty cat and YouTube.... and chili made from dry beans like our dear great grannies used to do. Joy!

Sure.... all these joys are possible on a sunny day in June, but the deeper nature of these events seems even more magical when the radar gleams red and orange.

Yesterday I made Oatmeal bread. I have an Oster Bread Machine, and I have discovered if I bake only to the "light" setting, the loaves don't have that machine taste. I often bake the dough in pretty pans or shaped into rolls. So far, great reviews... except for the oatmeal bread... Have you ever made something so hard you were reluctant to use the electric knife? Built Ford Tough like a rock (or that unfortunate bread)...

I should be checking back in on Friday to wish you all Happy Summer!

Whimsy and Hugs!

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