Thursday, May 9, 2019

Some crochet time in the mornings.

After my son leaves for work every morning, I have about an hour to 90 minutes before the mail comes, so I try to be ready to do something on crochet or stitching for at least that long. Sometimes I also pick it up while we watch TV.  One series we have been watching is Everybody Loves Raymond. I had never seen it until I moved here with Mama, and she and Daddy had loved it, so she and I watched reruns on some channel on DirecTV.  Then after she fell and didn't really enjoy much TV, she still loved Raymond, but it wasn't on any more. I purchased the seasons one by one from Amazon, and we watched them one more time in order. It has been so much fun (since I own them) to watch each episode once again with my son, who really identifies with Robert! We laugh so much and sometimes get really quiet because we see ourselves and our dear family in these wonderful actors.  I think it is one of my all-time favorites.

For the past few years I haven't watched anything regularly on weekly TV.  I do look forward to The Good Witch, and I was disappointed Hallmark moved it to June due to the When Calls the Heart Mess-up. I know WCTH is a great show, but I was always suspicious.  I just don't watch things that I think are designed to make people cry. Bad enough, I cry on Raymond!

When I started to crochet again a few years ago for a hobby, I told myself I would just do Granny stitched afghans or scarves until I was good and tired of that.  Last year I decided to branch out and try new ideas. This one is called the Fern Stitch done in Tea Cakes yarn, which I really enjoy. The colorway is Red Velvet Cake.  I also did a little lap granny in the same colors, but the photo I took this dark, rainy morning has the green showing up as grey.  It's a fun green color...  I finished the afghan today and am almost done with the scarf. I have a shawl nearly done in spring multicolors and another in shades of purples and lavendars. I couldn't do any of the unusual stitches if I had not used YouTube.  If anyone thinks they might like to pick up the crochet hook and begin or start over, I highly recommend their tutorials. I enjoy several full time. My favorites are Jayda InStitches, Bag-o-day Crochet, Fiber Spider, Marly Bird, and Fiber Flux.  

I love to read recipe books... almost as if I were reading a novel or something. I recently came across this oldie but goodie...  But imagine how sweet to find inside the research of my mother, complete with page numbers. They all sound good to me!

I have gradually been working in a little American color in preparation for Memorial Day. Mother's Day weekend is right upon us, and I think we have some fun ideas to keep the weekend happy and full of good memories and nice present moments, as well. If I'm asked, I will be happy to make some fruit and waffles for a little brunch for my son and me. Or...  I could be persuaded to order out Chinese or something else...  We shall see. Kiss your mamas... in person if you can or in your heart of hearts if that's no longer possible. Mothers will know..  They usually know all, see all, forgive all, and love without ceasing... And we usually do the same right back.

Whimsy and Hugs!


Miss Merry said...

Nice to hear from you Gayla! I love the afghan. I live in Ohio and those are the colors of The Ohio State University. It would be very popular here.

I worked 3-10 most of the years Raymond was on tv. I also caught up with reruns with my parents when I was caring for them. They saw Ray and Robert in both my brothers. Now it is on some channel in the evenings and my husband laughs at every episode like it is brand-new.

My youngest daughter was a new mother last year. Her husband works weekends and my husband does like to "eat out" so we are celebrating just like last year, we are taking each other out for a breakfast buffet at a restaurant that reserves tables for you (no fighting for a seat). We make our reservation for the minute they open so we can enjoy our brunch and get out of dodge before it gets too busy.

Gayla said...

Miss Merry, Thank you for the wonderful conversations we have! I know your brunch will be special with the generations! We all see ourselves in those characters, I am something of a Marie, but often a Raymond... Would love to be a Stefania, but not enough va va va voom!

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