Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January Chill

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For real, Baby! The weather here in Missouri has been so chilly this new year. Yesterday and today provided us a little emotional relief, but the roller coaster plans a huge nose-dive to Arctic drafts tomorrow. While I have had warm house and snuggly lie-ins. books to devour, and a lap kitty, my heart goes out to my cousin/niece who has had no water since ... I don't know... quite possibly the whole of 2018...  and a dear friend who sets her alarm to run her water on the hour 24/7. We have set the heaters to run in the peripheral bathroom that has been ticking off the voltage usage quite like a Taxi meter set to travel.

Tonight the weather is balmy 56 to 48 degrees. Having some friends in for a visit and decided to purchase the menu of lovely grilled chicken salads---- and just make some Pillsbury crescent rolls. I had a menu to cook but think it might be better another night. These salads are not on the diner's menu of our Pizza Hut, but they make them if people ask...  They are "da bomb"!!!!

I made some oatmeal cookies from a recipe my friend shared after her mother passed away. Seriously a contender for the best oatmeal cookie I ever made. I think my holiday decor is mostly packed away. We are loving the new arrangement for the living room, watching some really fun movies

Whimsy and Hugs!


NanaDiana said...

Well, I think you need to share that oatmeal cookie recipe. Those are my favorite cookies in the world!!

It has been really cold and miserable here. Today we got up into the 20s but we are back to single digits this weekend again. Hate the cold.

Have a wonderful night, Gayla. xo Diana

From My Country Sunrise said...

Hugs to you Enjoying the time to be in~Will be down soon Love the snow today Sara came and did laundry and showers everyday here Love seeing her but know she has to be getting so blue over this NO water thing~Keep warm

Anne S. said...

I agree with Diana, would love to see that cookie recipe. The pink depression glass cookie jar at my granny's house was always filled with fresh oatmeal cookies when we arrived for a visit. Unfortunately, she had a tendency to leave something out of the recipes she gave my mother, so we've never been able to recreate the experience. Any "best oatmeal cookies ever" recipe is one I want to try!

Sue said...

My first here, enjoying it so much! like the other ladies would love the oatmeal cookie recipe.