Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cookie Magic from Rita ... and Congratulations to Cindy!!!

 Congratulations  To MY ROMANTIC HOME!!!  Cindy had her 3,000,000th visitor!  I almost made it... then refreshed and it wouldn't load the counter...  Then the next time I was 3,000,010.   It doesn't matter.  She has a wonderful blog...  I have loved it for years!
 The cookies in this post are closer than they appear!!!  But not for long!  I used the recipe from the fabulous Rita May!!!  Check out her recipes here and go to cookies.  I haven't made anything from this blog that isn't yummy! 

Mom and I began to clear out the guest room by the kitchen today...  My dream is to have a work/craft room there...  It will be a slow process, but I can see the possibilities.... (possibly farther in the mirror than they appear!)

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Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I can't believe how close you came to being my 3,000,000 visitor! Those cookies are my son's favorite! I'm going to be helping him move in a couple weeks....maybe I'll make some to bring to him!