Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Praise

"How silently they tumble down
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.
At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow."
-   Elsie N. Brady, Leaves


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi gayla!

i love this verse...totally reflective of this lovely time of the year.

thanks for the visit and good luck for the giveaway!


Becky K. said...

Oooh, this poet said it well. There is something magical about those few days of the year when the leaves take flight.

Becky K

Maggey and Jim said...

Thanks, I love that..

Susquehanna said...


Resting restlessly against sepia oak

Hot apple cider nestled in my hand

Finger Tap~ Tapping against the styrofoam...

I feel the crisp breeze-

Stinging Tingling upon flushed cheeks.

The Crayola colored leaves bustling about

Seeking stability amid gusting swirls.

The mud field sprinkled with solitary grass patches-

Golden Apple hue;

Where once children ran and played

And laughed~

Sounds replaced by alternate gales and wisps.


I take it all in...

And I take another apple cider sip.